Measure air quality, road conditions and location while cycling

Advantages of Sniffer Bike

The solution offers various advantages for individual cyclists, society as a whole and the environment:

  • The solution offers cyclists the opportunity to choose healthier routes.
  • Greater insight into particulate matter values helps people suffering from lung diseases to prevent air pollution, a well-known trigger.
  • The collected data supports local and provincial policymakers and urban planners in making informed decisions based on new insights.
  • Research agencies and national control authorities can collect more data to better understand air pollution. Read more on air quality.
  • The project supports climate neutrality.


On the left image, you can see the particle matter surrounding each zone. A light blue block means that there are few particles in the air and it’s less polluted. Whilst the red blocks signify a high concentration of particulate matter (such as a lot of dust) which makes the zone more polluted. On the top corner, you can adjust the types of particulate matter (which are 2.5µm or 10µm). By scrolling in and out of the image, you can notice the different zones and their concentration of particle matters.

The right image shows the specific bike paths that the Sniffer Bike has gone through. It has all the details of the concentration of the particle matters (both 2.5µm or 10µm) throughout the path. On the top right corner, you can select the IMEI of your Sniffer Bike.